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About Us

The Food and Beverage Language Institute is a joint effort between the Community College of Denver and the Hispanic Restaurant Association to lower the barriers to advancement in the F&B industry. This is accomplished by having a defined path for both employee and employer to learn different languages through the use of technology, leadership, and understanding. Which leads to better communication, improved morale, higher quality, more safety, and a path of progression for the employee in their chosen field of employment. 

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Expert Teachers

Our Instructors at CCD are there for you and will be your biggest advocate and resource. Helping guide you and overcome any obstacles you may encounter.

Our Course Benefits


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Online Community

Let your fellow classmates and you leverage modern technology to practice and get better.


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Flexible Curriculum

These online tools allow  for great flexibility around the unique challenges we all face with competing demands of work, family, and life. We understand and let us these tools help get you ahead and prepare for the next chapter in your life. 

Vision and Mission 

Our Mission:

To Advocate on Behalf of the Hispanic Restauranteur to Open and Operate their Restaurant Efficently and Effectively